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12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Lunar Calendar names each of the twelve years after an animal. Legend has it that the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come to him before he departed from earth. Only twelve came to bid him farewell and as a reward he named a year after each one in the order they arrived. The Chinese believe the animal ruling the year in which a person is born has a profound influence on personality, saying: “This is the animal that hides in your heart.”


People whose birthdays fall during the following periods are born in the Year of the Rat:


The first date indicates Lunar New Year’s Day. The second date indicates the last day of the lunar year.


The Rat Sign :While in the Western World the Rat is looked upon with disgust and revulsion, he is admired and honored in much of the East for his cleverness and aptitude for acquiring things of value. In China and Japan Rats are signs of good luck and prosperity.
The Rat is a charming creature capable of captivating almost anyone. Rats are connoisseurs who take pleasure in flaunting their style. They also possess a great sense of humor. Rats can be very protective and generous to those who are loyal to them.
Rats are also quite self-serving. They have their own goals and ambitions and will not hesitate to advance them. Those outside a Rat ‘s social circle may find them easily riled and verbally abusive. Rats do not often pass up the opportunity to debate.
Rats are very curious about everything, and are always on the hunt for new information—anything that may be of use to them in the present or future.
The Rat’s biggest problem is they find it difficult to see beyond themselves. If they can find room for others they will be well on the way to true happiness.

Lucky numbers : 1, 4, 5, 10, 11, 14, 41, 45, 51, and 54.

Celebrities born under Rat Sign : Abigail Breslin, Amanda Peet, Antonio Banderas, Ashley Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Ben Affleck, Benny Hill, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bono , Brian Molko, Cameron Michelle Diaz, Carmen Electra, Daryl Hannah, Diego Armando Maradona, Dita von Teese, Emma Green, Eminem , Fernando Torres, Gerard Depardieu, Grace Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Grant, Ivan Lendl, Jackson Rathbone, Jaromir Jagr, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jennifer Garner, Jenny McCarthy, Jeremy London, John McCain, Jude Law, Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Kim Wilde, Luis Figo, Louis Armstrong, Marlon Brando , Michael Hutchence, Mike Dirnt, Muriel Baumeister, Notorious B.I.G , Ozzy Osbourne , Prince Harry, Robin Söderling, Sabrina Bryan, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Shaquille Shaq O Neal, Silvio Berlusconi, Steven Tyler, Sven-Göran Eriksson, Tommy Nilsson, Vanessa Paradis, Wentworth Miller, Zinedine Zidane

Compatibility for Relationship or Business Partnership

Most Compatible With
Dragon – will enrich and empower Rat mutually.
Monkey – Rat will be passionately in love with Monkey.
Ox – will increase Rat’s confidence and sense of security.




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