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Golden Good Fortune Tortoise 2.5

Golden Good Fortune…


Golden Good Fortune Tortoise 2.5″

Golden Good Fortune Tortoise A beautiful tortoise figurine with the word Fortune on its shell.

The tortoise is sacred and much loved by the Chinese as a symbol of longevity, stability, strength, support and endurance. One of the 4 celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise), the tortoise is an important and powerful symbol of landscape Feng Shui. Hence activating the tortoise in the North part of your home is one of the best Feng Shui features to have.

The tortoise is the best icon of longevity. The Crane (another symbol of longevity) is said to live a thousand years but the tortoise is believed to live up to 3000 years and therefore is extremely popular with those who seek to live a long and healthy life. Bearer of the magical Lo Shu square which all Feng Shui theories are based, the tortoise is also a symbol of protection and wealth.

Dimension (in): 2.5″L x 2″W x 1.5″H


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