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Fly Atop Horse 4″


Fly Atop HorseThis item is perfect for those who want an upward mobility in their career. While most of us know the Horse is often associated with speed, success and strength but what about the Fly? The sound of Fly in Chinese is almost like “constantly win”. Hence, having the symbol of a fly on a horse signifies a speedy victory and success in your business pursuits and life endeavors.Activate your career luck with the Fly Atop Horse in the North sector based on Pakua’s Aspiration Life Theory or on your work desk. Hard work will pay off handsomely. The Fly Atop Horse will assist you to triumph over tough competition in your office and enable easier promotional opportunities. At the same time, your relationships with those you work with will improve. You will gain support and help from subordinates and colleagues.

Fly Atop Horse is perfect for career-minded men and women, people who are climbing the career ladder or in a competitve working environment.

Dimension (in): 3″L x 2″W x 4″H

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