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Do we provide zero shipping charge or further discount on shipping?
We would like you to know that we do not earn from the shipping charges and we assure fairness in the cost you are paying for to be equivalent to the shipping services you will be receiving. Therefore, we are UNABLE to entertain any request for waiver or further discounts on shipping cost. More importantly, please do not protest on shipping cost after you have completed your payment (this shipping policy is part of your agreement)..

How many days do you expect to receive your ordered items?
Mybestfengshui strive for excellence in service. We will process your order immediately upon receiving them. In the event that the item you ordered is not in stock, we will inform you via email about the delay.

Shipping time would normally vary between 1-5 working days. We utilize the faster type of service to ship all orders. As for our warehouse order process time, we normally process orders within 24 hours, but again it depends on the queue.

Average Total Delivery Time = Order Processing Time (1-5 business days) + Shipping Time (1-5 business days)

You are responsible to prepare proper means to receive your goods. It is best that you provide your day time telephone numbers when you check out from our shopping cart, so that ourshipping service provider can contact you. In the event that no one is around when the merchandize is delivered, a postcard will be dropped for you to collect the parcel from a nearbypost office within 2 working days.
We DO NOT provide any guarantee in “timeliness” of delivery for your purchase. In the event that you consider needing the products urgently but they arrived too late for them to be useful later, we do not hold any responsibility to them. They are non returnable nor rejectable.

Proof of Delivery
We require a proof of delivery and signature of the receiver for all deliveries. It is therefore the responsibility of customers to provide proper means of receiving the parcel during work hours on work days (Monday to Friday) at the shipping address provided.

Our Packaging
.We pack every item to proper shipping specifications with proper damping material and packaging box. This is to prevent any possibility of damage during shipping.

Damaged Goods and Other Complaints
Damage caused by shipment are usually unlikely but in the event that you found your items broken or damaged upon delivery, please inform by e-mailing us at immediately. All items are fully insured with a reputable insurance company. Our customers are advised to perform inspection upon arrival. Damage claims or related complaints after 48 hours from delivery date will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure you are available to receive the packages when delivered and check them immediately. Please contact us immediately via email at for discrepancies. Our representatives will help resolve the problems for you and your replacement will be shipped after the investigation is completed. On refund request, we will refund the FULL AMOUNT on the merchandize once the damage is confirmed due to shipping mishandling. However the SHIPPING COST CANNOT be refunded, because of our discounted shipping. Shipping cost will be considered charged and not refundable at the moment items are shipped out by us. The refund will be credited back to your credit card only. We cannot refund via money order, check or wire transfer.

Cancellation Policy
We offer money back guarantee for order cancellation if the order has not yet been shipped. Cancellations are best made within 1 hour of your order time. All items are normally shipped very fast. Shipped items will be too late for cancellation. Once shipped, items are considered sold. However, in the event that your cancellation takes place before your items are shipped, a fee will also be imposed for credit card transaction and on any handling charge imposed by the courier. The minimum fee that will be charged is 8% of the total amount paid for any cancellation, it could be more depending on how much packaging and handling done. Please contact us quick by emailing to However, kindly be understood that the sending of your emails to us does not guarantee that the emails have been received or being read by us because we do not provide 24 hours human generated email service. Therefore we do not hold responsibility on the cancellation if an order has been shipped, even though your email had been sent out earlier. We will do our best to assist you gladly once we read your email.

Return Policy
Feng shui involves manipulating chi (energy). Therefore, it is our duty to ensure that feng shui items purchased by our customers are brand new with new chi and never being used before. Used items may accumulate unwanted chi from the previous owners which could affect the effectiveness of the feng shui enhancers or cure. In order to ensure that our customers rightfully benefit from our products and their interests protected, all sales are FINAL and NON-returnable in the event that you change your mind or under any other circumstances.

Refund Policy
For damaged goods during shipment, loss shipment and order cancellation, we can provide a refund for the goods. No refund will be made for shipping cost that has been used.



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