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Master Pat Chee has been in Feng shui business for over 15 years. Earlier Master Pat Chee studied under Grand Master Lillian Too (Malaysia)and graduated with a Master Practitioner of Feng Shui( MPC) She further her study, trained under Master Raymond-LO (Hong Kong-China) and graduated with a Master of Feng Shui -Consultant in School of Destiny. She also learned Face Reading and Four Pillars of Destiny with Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malaysia with the well known Master Joey Yap(Malaysia)

She currently owns feng shui stores in New York and New Jersey offering all kinds of Feng Shui products. Master Pat Chee offer professional Personal Destiny Reading and Feng Shui Consultation for business and residence.

Her insight on traditional Destiny Reading and Feng Shui Consultation has helped many people to their life problems in all walks of life.

She had been also interviewed by local papers of the Jersey Journal , Philippine Times and Asian Journal.


1) Personalized Feng Shui Analysis

2) Bazi Reading of the Four Pillars (Destiny Reading)

3) Face Reading and Palm Reading
4) Annual Feng Shui updates and Good Dates selection.
5) I-Ching consulting
6) Feng Shui Consultation of Home and Business using the Flying Stars
7) Spiritual Cleansing for Sick and Distress Energy




The 8 characters (also known as Bazi) method in Chinese Fortune Reading
is generally accepted as the most accurate and comprehensive way of
looking at one’s future destiny. It is a method that uses the date and time
of a person’s birth – To analyze a person’s 8 characters(Bazi)


Getting a Bazi Reading gives us advance notice of good and bad times at
different ages of a person’s life, when misfortunes might occur so advising
caution, and when the good years will occur thereby encouraging one to be
courageous in taking business, career or relationship risks. It tell a great deal
about yourself and about what the future holds for you with the Bazi Reading


This is an important step in unlocking the influences that shape your Life Destiny

    • Whether you will become wealthy
    • About what kind of success you can attain
    • Your likely partner(s) and the kind of marriage you will be
    • The state of your health
    • Your family and everything else related to success in what you dodes5

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