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Dragon Dance

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Dragon Dance ,  which originated from China, are traditional Chinese folk activities and folk dance forms.

Dragon Dance is also known as “Playing dragon lantern” and “Dance of dragon lantern”, with the “Dragon” made of grasses, bamboos and cloth as the main prop. Dragon dance is very popular around China during the Spring Festival and the Festival of Lanterns. Dragon in Chinese culture is a symbol of fortune, nobility, bravery and, especially, power. The archetype of Dragon Dance is the “Dance” performed in the Emperor Yan and Emperor Yellow period for sacrificing the heaven and praying for the rain, in which some witches danced like dragons soaring into the sky. Thence, people weaved “Grass Dragon”  with haulms and osiers and invented the dragon dance. During festivals, people perform dragon dance to pray for the blessing of the dragon and a good harvest.

Dragon Dance is very popular among the Chinese people. Presently, Dragon Dance has attracted the worldwide interest as a sport for exercising.


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