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Lichun – the Beginning of the New Year

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Since the Qin Dynasty, China’s has been to spring as the beginning of spring. From the astronomical beginning of spring are divided up, and in nature, in people’s minds, the spring is warm, flowers; the spring are the growth, cultivation sowing. Study in the climate, the spring is the pentad (5 days for one-designate) the average temperature 10 ℃ to 22 ℃ slots.

To spring, it is clear that the day is longer, the sun warming the. Temperature, sunlight, rainfall, which is often a turning point in the year, tends to rise or increase. Koharu crop up, rape and wheat jointing bolting when the increase in water consumption, topdressing should be timely watering, and promote growth. beginning of spring rain reminds people that get up early to bed late, “Spring has also started preparations for plowing and sowing. Although the legislation has been the spring, but in most areas of southern China is still very cold,” Spring snow is too late for it to wear Chambers tree fly “scene. These climate characteristics at the time arrangements for agricultural production are to be taken into account.

People love looking at the spring information wrong? Then head out on the wicker Buds, “the soft and tender in gold on silk”; that the soil Jump For Xiaocaohu out, waiting for “Spring wind again”; and in order to win a new harvest in the fields of the hard work of people , is using his hands to create a real spring.


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