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Prosperity Wealth God…


Prosperity Wealth God Chai Sen Yeh

This magnificent Wealth God in full regalia and sitting majestically on his throne is depicted proffering a wealth pot overflowing with gold ingots. Gorgeously accented in colourful and auspicious details, he is the epitome of good fortune and wealth.

The God of Wealth, or ‘Chai Sen Yeh’ is one of the most popular symbols of wealth, prosperity and fortune. He’s extremely popular in the Chinese community so much so that elaborate rituals are performed during the Chinese lunar new year to welcome the God of Wealth into the household thereby bringing in lots of good fortune and magnifying windfall and speculative luck in life for the year to come.

Material: Porcelain
Color: Multicolored
Dimension LxWxH (in): 7.0×4.5×12.0
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