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Pair of Green Stone Feng Shui Fu Dogs


A pair of Fu Dogs hand-carved from natural green stone, able to withstand the elements, ideal for outdoor placement.

The pair of Fu Dogs or Foo Dogs, with their threatening expressions and strong-toned bodies, are mythical protectors of the gates of heaven – they serve to protect the heavens from malicious spirits and evil influences. Because of this, the Fu Dogs remain as a symbol of protection and stability, being used widely in homes and offices.

In ancient times, the Fu Dogs were always seen in front of places of important, such as temples and palaces. In this modern day, the Fu Dogs are still used to guard, but they are more widely used; one can see them in front of large estates, restaurants, banks, hotels and stores. When positioned there, the Fu Dogs is said to deter people with ill-intention to enter.

Material: Crystal
Color: Green
Dimension LxWxH (in): 2.25×1.25×2.25
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