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Money Frog on Baqua With Gold Ingot 2

Money Frog on Baqua…


Money Frog on Baqua With Gold Ingot 2″

Money Frog on Baqua With Gold Ingot 2″This Money Frog is sitting on a Feng Shui Bagua with eight I Ching trigrams (an 8 sided shape symbolizing all aspects of one’s life) to represent a perfect balance in life. Bagua is also a feng shui tool used to subdue negative energies present in the vicinity. A bonus to this good luck charm is the addition of a big gold ingot – a symbol of accumulation of wealth and good fortune.The Money Frog is also a very potent pictogram of highly valued money luck because of her relation to Liu Hai, an ancient Taoist Magic academic. Whenever he desired the presence of the Money Frog, he would simply use a strand of coins as bait, and the frog would appear. It is for this reason that images of Liu Hai fishing for the famous frog is extremely well-liked and used among Feng Shui enthusiasts.

Dim: 2.125L x 2.125″W x 2″H

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