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Fortune Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant 4

Fortune Money Frog…


Fortune Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant 4″

Fortune Money Frog On Wish Fulfilling Elephant. This is a beautiful representation of the Elephant with its trunk raised in victory and standing on a bed of gold ingots and auspicious coins to signify good fortune. On its back is a money frog or three legged toad, also known as “Chan Chu.The Elephant is a strong symbol of strength, wisdom and courage, whereas the Money Frog is a famous symbol as a wealth attractor. Combined together, the image of the the Fortune Money Frog on Wish Fulfilling Elephant is ideal for those who wish for a boost in their career and financial status.

Suitable to be placed in your office, study, bedroom or living room.

Dimension (in): 4.5″L X3.25″W x 4″H

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