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Double Jade-Coloured…


Double Jade-Coloured Carp for Abundance

This is a lovely representation of a pair frisky Carp fish crafted from resin to look like green jade.

Fish in general is a symbol of good wealth and fortune to the Chinese because the Chinese character for fish, ‘yu’ means abundance, but the Carp is in a special category. It is a good fortune symbol synonymous with the tale of its legendary valor in swimming against the current to reach the ultimate Dragon Gate and transform into a Dragon Carp. This portrayal of relentless perseverance and determination resulting in well-earned victory has turned the Carp into a symbol to represent great achievements in spite of hardships. Although often associated with scholastic feat and literary accomplishments, the Carp, especially when depicted in pairs, it is also a potent emblem of joyful marriage, good fortune, abundance and prosperity. It symbolizes great achievements in your pursuit or high ambitions of a lifetime, putting you in a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Material: Resin
Color: Jade Color
Dimension LxWxH (in/cm): 10.0×4.0x8.0 / 24.5×10.0x19.6
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