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Bronze Tibetan Prayer…


Bronze Tibetan Prayer Singing Bowl

This Tibetan Singing Bowl is constructed of 7 metal alloys with its inner and outer surfaces etched with auspicious Tibetan symbols. It comes with a wooden mallet and a beautiful soft cushion for the Singing Bowl to rest on.

A Singing Bowl, also known as a Himalayan bowl or cup gong, is a musical instrument used in Buddhist meditation, dating back many centuries. They are traditionally played in Tibet, Nepal, India, China, Japan, and Korea, mostly by Buddhist monks and in monasteries.

Today, Singing Bowls are frequently used for meditation, healing, sound massage, chakra balancing, yoga and purification of Chi (energy) in Feng Shui practice. It is especially good in attracting new business opportunities and increasing sales. The Singing Bowl produces the most exotic and dazzling sound when tapped firmly with the wooden mallet. The fascinating and sensational sound created by the Singing Bowl purifies the energy in all space ‘touched’ by it. The continuous harmonic sound enhances and purifies the Ch’i, enlivens and nourishes stale Ch’i with balanced yin and yang energy, chases away negative energy, transforms inauspicious energies into auspicious energies and produces Seng Ch’i, the intrinsic energy which brings good fortune and prosperity. Stale Chi manifests in lethargy and irritability. In addition, the lingering and soothing harmonics produced penetrates deep within the body and mind creating a sense of tranquility and subtle healing.

Material: 7 Type of Metal
Color: Bronze
Dimension (in): 6.0(radius)
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