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Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant 2.75

Blue Rhinoceros…


Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant 2.75″

Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant For ProtectionThis is a beautiful combination of two of the most protective animals in Feng Shui – The Elephant and Rhinoceros.Feng Shui masters recommend using the mighty Rhinoceros for protection because this particular animal is a hardy and tough and can definitely counter any other fierce animals or obstacles in its own way.In Feng Shui, the Elephant is considered a sacred symbol. Although it is often used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength and fertility, it can also be used to symbolize longevity, good luck and success. It can act as the grantor of wishes and as the protector of the household.

Therefore, the combination of Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbols of protection. They have attained these attributes due to their formidable strength and size in the animal kingdom as well as their protective and resilient nature.

Dimension (in): 4″L x 3″W x 2.5″H

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