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Ammonite Pendant


This is a gorgeous Ammonite Pendant with highly polished finishing. It is being held by a sterling silver pendant holder which is strung to a black necklace.Shells have been regarded as a symbol of good luck and good fortune by the Chinese for decades. They are a symbol of wealth and are believed to attract abundance and prosperity. Ammonite is one of the most powerful shells for that matter.Been buried for million of years, Ammonite are believed by many Feng Shui masters to have absorbed knowledge of the universe and substantial amount of both the Earth’s and universe’s cosmic energy and hence will benefit anyone wearing or even near it. It is said that Ammonite gives the wearer health, wealth and enlightenment. When placed in the home, it promotes harmony, and when displayed in the office, it improves business dealings. In essence, anyone who owns ammonite will enjoy great good fortune and prosperity luck, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not.Ammonite, when worn, is also claimed to stimulate creativity, promote the flow of Chi throughout the body and hence reduce the body’s toxicity, enhance clarity, encourage wisdom in decision making, promote intellect, radiate strength and transform negative energies to positive ones.

Remarks: Every piece of the ammonite pendant vary in size and shape.

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