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Aventurine Crystal Bonsai…


Aventurine Crystal Bonsai Tree

A well-known feng shui cure in the home and office is the beautiful and charming wish fulfilling crystal tree. It is a symbol known for granting consistent profit and long-lasting wealth. The sparkly fractalized surfaces of the crystal chips are superior for reflecting and neutralizing bad energy.

As a bringer of steady wealth luck and fortune luck, it does well placed on a desk or in any wor or study space. The icon of the crystal tree has its roots in the tale of a celestial fairy who wished to marry a plain village boy. To ensure their everlasting happiness and comfort the fairy planted a tree of wealth that sustained them throughout their lives. It is still common practice in Asia to leave wishes on red slips of paper, often with a loving tribute like a tangerine, to try and summon higher powers to grant wishes for one’s own life.

Material: Adventurine Crystal
Color: Green
Dimension LxWxH (in/cm): 6.5×4.5×9.0 / 16.0.0×11.25×22.0
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