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Adventurine Crystal…


Adventurine Crystal 8mm Round Beads Bracelet

Aventurine is a stone of strong mystical powers of comfort that heals the heart and soul. This stone is believed to have the ability to cure mental distractions, such as anger and overworked emotions, and replace those feelings with calm and clarity. Aventurine is also reputed to heal physical problems and promote an overall wellbeing where it’s said to help to speed up recuperation after life-threatening diseases and serious surgeries. Wearing aventurine protects ones from electromagnetic pollution. It’s also said to relieve stammers.

Material: Adventurine Crystal
Color: Green
Dimension LxWxH (in/cm): 0.3×0.3×0.3, (Elastic Diameter 6.0) / 0.8×0.8×0.8 (Elastic Diameter 16.5)
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