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After Home, an Office holds the utmost importance in a man’s life. It is the place where you work to realize your dreams. There is a saying ‘Hard work is the key to success’, which encourages an individual to work hard towards his goals. It is also said that anything can be achieved with determination. To practice all this in your life, you should have a congenial and comfortable environment at your business place, where you can work with concentration and devotion.


A proper balance should be present in your office, which will inspire you to move ahead in life. Positive attitude and enthusiasm are very necessary to achieve your targets. Therefore, Feng Shui becomes inevitable to attain an environment supporting your official activities..


Feng Shui Home

Home is where the heart is’, is a popular saying that reflects how important home is in our lives. It is the place where we spend the maximum time span of our lives. No place in the world, no matter how plush, can match the comfort and warmth of one’s own house. It is very close to every individual and there is also a specific amount of emotional attachment with it. Feng Shui tips contribute a great deal in preventing your house from troubles and help you to lead a happy and relaxed life.

First of all, the most important thing to be considered before the inception of the house is the place where it is going to be built. Carefully examine the natural feature around. After that, the preparation of the house design is another major step. Use a Feng Shui compass to determine the energies of the space and then decide the location of the rooms. Different directions and elements are favorable for different rooms. The position of rooms should be such that they do not interfere with the individual energies of the house.

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Apart from the rooms, the other notable thing is the location of other interior features of the house i.e. the home decor. For example, we have the place for the staircase, window, balcony, etc. These structures also influence the Chi of the house and therefore should not be avoided. In case, you have not constructed the house on your own and it is difficult to renovate it, Feng Shui provides you a number of items which will help you in reducing the bad effects of any architectural fault in your home.


However, before applying these Feng Shui products to your house décor, you should gain sufficient knowledge and information about the same. The most convenient way is to consult a Feng Shui practitioner. There are different items for different problems, which are applied at different places according to the favorable directions and elements, which form the basic principles of Feng Shui. This way, you can make your house a paradise and enjoy the bliss of being at a home exhibiting positive energy.




Destiny Reading


The Chinese believe in oneself, but more than that they believe in destiny. A BaZi Reading gives an astonishingly accurate portrait of a person’s life according to the Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth.

Its accuracy and precision can be adopted for those who wish to have a more reliable personalized destiny reading since BaZi can diagnose a person’s characteristics and prognoses his future with uncanny accuracy. BaZi can give us insights on the patterns of our luck cycles. By knowing the pattern of our luck, we can leverage it to our advantage.

BaZi literally means “Eight Characters” refers to the component of the five elements present in our life chart, the Four Pillars of Destiny.


It is a technique to calculate and interpret the influence of the five elements – Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth in a person’s natal chart. Understanding the interaction between the five elements we can learn about the person’s fortune and life.

Bazi is further used to find the missing element or the element that will restore balance and harmony in the person’s natal chart, which will let us know our strength and weaknesses.

In short, BaZi readings is focus on the core of the nature of the person, not in just the events and time. It came to my mind how terribly helpful this would be not only for the individual who truly elects to know themselves better, but also what a valuable tool to make life more meaningful.

why bazi

What can we get by understanding our Bazi? We can know more about ourselves,

the true characteristics and potentials stored inside our life.

We also can understand the pattern of our luck cycle,

the right time to take the right actions.

Taking the Right Actions“, that is what Bazi all about. By knowing the problems, think positive and taking active steps to prevent the problems from occurring

or at least minimize the impacts of the problems. There will be always an options available for you. Perhaps you can’t make it go away but at least you can take good action to stop it becoming worst. More importantly, when all these come to our Most Important Aspects of life, which we concern the most…..




Zodiac Fortune Forecast 2018

  • In the Year of the Earth Dog the  Rat needs to go with the flow. Carry the allies of the Monkey and display a golden Laughing  Buddha in the North. As your inner strength is weak, you need to wear the Kuan Yin Pendant to appease the Bai Hu star. . To improve career luck, place the Golden Piyao on your desk. Rats who are 46 and 58 years old should display the Meditation Buddha in the Living room as their Spirit Essence & Life Force are low.   For health luck, hang a Woo Loo  the West. The Rat should carry the Trinity-3 coins improve their wealth luck.
  • This upcoming year of the Dog ,  the energy of the Ox is high in 2018, bringing potential to succeed in all endeavours. But the annual Sha and the Piercing star may generate negative gossips and slanders.  To remedy, carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2018 and your friendship ally ,the zodiac of the Rabbit.. At home, place a Statue of Kuan Yin in the NE for happiness and harmony. Fortunately, the year brings the Tai Yin Star and the luck to talk your way out of trouble, as long as you do not get upsets easily.   This is a year you are in partly offending  the Grand Duke – wear a Jade Kuan Yin pendant for  protection against the  unnecessary  health issue.
  • In the year of the Dog,  the Tiger has power to do well this year. Although you may feel a surge of confidence, this same confidence can also bring problems, as you face with two unlucky stars Sky Dog and Wu Gui and  may generate obstacles & gossips  to success. So it is important to place the a pair of Chin Lin  on your desk and carry your friendship ally of the PIG and the Tai Sui Amulet  to control argumentative energies. Carry the 3-Trinity coins to enhance the big auspicious.    The Tiger need to beware of health issues; carry the WU Loo and place the Amitabha Buddha  in the East.
  • The Rabbit can expect to have two strongly auspicious stars to smile on you this year. Previous years begin to bear fruit as your luck is strong. Make the most of the opportunities that come your way. But there is still a need to be careful of dishonest people, as the Robbery Star makes an appearance. Carry the Kalachakra amulet for protection .. The Dog is your secret friend and you can carry the zodiac ally of the Dog.  There is the Bing Fu star in store for you this year need to be careful of your health by  placing a Lucky Bamboo plant in the East..  Display a Laughing Buddha in the South East for prosperity and happiness.
  • The year of the Dog,   the Dragon energy is not strong this year and being in direct clash with the Dog, it is important to appease the Grand Duke by having the Tai Sui Amulet 2018 with you at all times. Display the a statue of the Kuan Yin and the  3-Gods in the NW.   Wear a Jade Kuan Yin pendant to strengthen your weak spirit essence in the NW. To remedy the effects of the Sui Po star you need to do a spiritual cleansing for the effect of the ill health.  Carry the friendship ally of the zodiac Rabbit charm to counter the negative star.  You need to wear the Om Wood bracelet for added protection against all the negative energy.
  • In the year  of 2018 the Snake benefits  with the Heaven Seal and   #8 star. The two stars combined will ensure you enjoy good relationships, career luck and success in business.. You benefit from the Long De and the fortune  is also at its highest levels, which means you will be able to achieve fabulous success. Energize the #8 by displaying a Laughing BUDDHA in the SE.   Activate the Heaven Seal by placing an Elephant in the SE. The Snake also benefits from Tai Yin star.   To enhance income luck carry the Trinity-coins and Jade Bok Choy in your wallet.   Need to be vary of the health for the Snake,and hang a Wu Loo and the ally of the Monkey in the bedroom to counter the negative star.
  • In the year of the Dog,   the Horse  will be  blessed with more nobleman.   Need to carry your friendship ally of the Dog. Display a pair of Chi Lin in the NW of the home good luck effects.       Horses should carry the nobleman talisman for many assistance to assist you. . Enhance wealth luck with the Laughing Buddha in the SE for good fortune.  However you are affected by the Wu Dou energy, you.need to carry Health Talisman and carry a Wu Loo for good health.
  • In the year of the Dog  the  Sheep is in side conflict with the year.   Need to carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2018.. Display a Amitabha in the SW to subdue the illness star.   Need to carry your friendship ally of the Rabbit charm for support.  Enhance your energy by placing a Horse in the South as earth energy is what is needed to strengthen your life force.   Dislplay a statue of Kuan Yin in the SW of the house for protection for the health.  Need a kalachakra amulet for protection against the robbery star.
  • The Monkey will feel increasingly energized as the year progresses, but good luck only manifests when you make the effort to engage your life force and strengthen your Lung Ta. Do this by placing the Horse in the South of your living room. Tap the luck of the Golden Deity with a pendant of Kuan Yin or display the statue of Kuan Yin in the SW. The heavenly star #6 brings plenty of good luck and fresh new opportunities. To enhance, display the 3-Gods in the SW. Carry the Wealth Amulet together with the Tai Sui amulet 2018 to further strengthen success luck, . Monkeys should wear a Buddha pendant and the ally charm of the Snake to bring victory luck.
  • This year of the Dog, the Rooster will enjoy some success luck. Your luck profile will improve much better especially in the.   work and business luck will be better toward the second part of the  year.   However, there a number of negative stars that can cause obstacles.   . The annual #2 needs to be subdued  by placing the Amithabha Statue and carry  your friendship ally of the  OX.   Another star that brings challenges is the Bing Fu which you can wear wood OM Bracelet or Kuan Yin Pendant and the Tai Sui Amulet 2018 against bad health.
  • The Dog  will be in the Grand Duke year and also the Tai Sui  year with numerous malevolent stars.  You need to carry the Tai Sui amulet 2018 to counter the negative side and to do a spiritual cleansing as your  personal spirit essence is low.   Carry your friendship ally  charm of the Rabbit to help you.. To enhance wealth, place the Laughing Buddha in the SE.  wear a wood OHM mala with your all.  Display a Horse in the South for career luck.
  • In the year of the Dog     the Boar is blessed with Sun Happiness Star . Display a Laughing Buddha in the SE of your living room and carry the Jade Bok Choy and the friendship ally of the Rabbit..   Beware of Robbery Star and you can also display a pair of Piyao in the main entrance of the home and carry a Kalachakra Amulet with you  all  the time. You can hang a Wo Loo in your bedroom for unnecessary health issues..


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